Switch and save with a VoIP Phone System

Introducing 3CX Software PBX a leading
VoIP telephone system. 

Introducing 3CX Software PBX

3CX is a leading provide of a software VoIP phone system (PBX), trusted by over 30,000 companies across the globe to handle their telephone needs. With 3CX and Coast Technology forget about expensive line rental and high call costs, our hosted telephone system lets you harness the power of the broadband connection you are likely already paying for whilst implementing a feature rich professional phone platform giving you full control and flexibility of call handling within your business.

Harness the power of your broadband connection to switch and save on VoIP!

The 3CX Hosted PBX is compatible with a range of handsets allowing you to build a system which works for you. You can even use it on the road through the smart phone app. We are fully certified with 3CX to advanced level and also with Yealink as a reseller. With our certifications and 3CX Gold Partner Status, we are perfectly placed to implement the 3CX VoIP Phone System for your business.

3CX with Coast Technology Starts from £29.99/month

Benefits of 3CX:

Reduced Bills

With upto 80% reduction on phone bills, be sure the 3CX PBX will reduce your spend on telecoms.


Custom on Hold Music or Promotional Message

Let your callers know about your latest offers, or play your own choice of music for them.

Unified Communications

A complete Unified Communications platform offering communication, conferencing and web chat in one easy to use platform

Multiple Lines & Extensions

With 3CX you can have unlimited extensions* and multiple lines to make and receive calls. Choose from 4 up to 1,024 lines. It’s your system you choose.

Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere with the Android and iOS App, turn your mobile phone into a landline for the office. Make calls to colleagues or other branches for free .

Video Conferencing

With built in Video Conferencing you hold those important meetings without the need for travel using the 3CX Web Meeting interface.

Improve Customer Service: Click2Call

Let customers call you using their web browser for free, they no longer need to pay to call you.

Hosted and Maintained by Coast Technology

The system is fully maintained by us, we deal with updates, configuration, and backup. It’s hosted in Google Cloud for global access and easy management.

3CX Pro Edition Additional Features:


Ideal for call center management, the 3CX Wallboard allows you to see live Q statistics, total number of calls wairing, answered calls, abandoned calls, total calls, call back requests, and how many agents are bust, along with the average waiting time of a caller and the average talk time of a call.

CRM Intergration

Integrate the system direct with popular CRM systems for better customer management easily stay in touch with your customers and keep records up to date and record call history on your customers account

Searchable Call Recordings

Easily find important calls using the telephone number. Recorded calls can be a great tool for staff training and also dispute resolution with your customers


Advanced Call Reporting

14 additional call reports are available in the pro edition, you can report on user activity, call waiting times, team performance and many more statistics to effectively monitor how the system is being used

Listen In & Whisper

An excellent feature from a training or escalation perspective when dealing with calls to and from clients. A manager or supervisor can listen in and whisper in on calls with out the receiving caller being aware helping to train users effectively and ensure customer expectations are always met


Advanced Queues

Call queues are widely used when dealing with high volumes of calls, with the advances queues feature you can enable the call back feature or setup priority queues with higher priority over your standard call queues

Callback Facility

Give your customers the option to receive a call back instead of waiting in your call queues. It saves their place and automatically connects one of your agents with them when they become available

SLA Alerts

Keep your customer happy ! these alerts can be configured so that supervisors or managers are alerted when calls have been waiting for extended periods of time or calls being released. It can help identify busy periods and help you adjust your staffing accordingly to ensure customers aren’t kept waiting for long periods of time and becoming unhappy

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my current phone work with 3CX?

3CX support a wide range of IP Phones, if you currently use a traditional PBX the chances are that the phones won’t work with 3CX. Don’t worry though there is plenty phones to choose from, and we can check if your phones would work  call us on 0191 580 0220 we will be happy to help.

More details on compatible phones can be found here.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes is the short answer. Coast Technology have porting agreements with the major UK networks. We can port your number across to our VoIP network and use it with your new system keeping consistency for your business.

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