Tired of spam emails?

Free up the time you waste dealing with spam emails,
our advanced filtering system stops things slipping through
the net meaning you can concentrate on things important to you.

Spam Email Solutions with Email Filtering & Continuity

What’s your backup email plan? With email continuity and filtering in place you can make sure your business email system remains both reliable and productive, helping to ensure that excessive time is not being wasted on all of those spam emails that get through or emails which fail to deliver.

Email has never been so important to businesses and it has fast became the most commonly used method of communication both internally and externally to suppliers or customers, so it’s evermore important that emails are never lost or delayed causing disruption to customers or your supply chain.

Email continuity and filtering come in a variety of forms, sometimes one or the other or both together going hand in hand to provide total protection. These systems provide you with a system which can capture and store your emails when your mail system is down, not accepting emails but will also filter the unnecessary spam emails from your email system as it is sent to your company.


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Spam Emails Solutions

So what’s the benefits ?
Protect against lost emails
Reduce email delays
Peace of mind
End User Quarantine portal to manage items in the filter
Emails stored and queued for delivery when your system is down
Filtering reduces spam but leaves you in control of what you would like to receive
Completely managed allowing you to concentrate on running the business
Securely transmitted through our system to your server

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