Securing your business
against data loss

Data is precious and valuable, it’s importance somewhat
underestimated until it’s too late, protect your business today


Data Backup & Storage Solutions

The importance of data is often somewhat under estimated to many companies and business owners, 60% of companies that suffer data loss go out of business within 6 months of the disaster, so surely it’s time to start protecting your business with a data backup solution.

Most businesses use and rely on data every minute of the day, whether it be that crucial email, customer data or your payroll and accounts data, any of this data being lost or damaged can have an adverse effect on your business.

Our offsite backup solution protects all of your data and crucial systems on your network whether a server physically located at your office or laptops on the road, your data can always remain secure and backed up.

The backup system is a fully automated solution offering you a “set it and forget it” solution in one easy to use system. You will be automatically notified with the results of any backup that has been ran and we also monitor the system to ensure that it is running effectively providing the protection you expect for your business.

Features & why it’s important to get data backup done properly?

Protect against data loss
Peace of mind
Instant access to data online
No tapes or hard drives to change
Stored in secured data centres
Completely managed allowing you to run your business
“Set it and forget it” Technology, Completely Automated
Securely Encrypted storage,
only you have the de-cryption key

What can I backup?

Microsoft office documents
Pictures and videos
Accounts & Payroll
Complete Servers
Virtual Machines

data backup

Speak to us today about protecting your precious data. We can even set you up a FREE NO OBLIGATION data backup trial, see it at work for yourself! Call 0191 580 0220

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